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About 4 months ago, I decided to add to my growing design career by becoming a design consultant for 3 Day Blinds. I knew I wanted keep my designer/project manger position with Birdhouse Interior Design but I also wanted to make sure I didn’t leave an ounce of free time on my schedule.

So when I’m not a mom or shopping to find the perfect vintage piece for a Birdhouse client, I’m traveling across the Omaha area filling homes with any type of window treatment their hearts desire.

Obtaining my knowledge of all things 3 Day came in the form of traveling. Places like the Bay Area in Northern California, Colorado, Vegas and then lastly a short stay in Phoenix. Now that I’m home I am a traveling studio, office and sometimes home. I don’t work under a studio’s roof with 3 Day, I literally have all of my samples neatly packed into my little 2009 Sonata Hyundai. Daily rolling up my sleeves and applied my signature aesthetic to hustling my samples from home to home in a pair of heels. (of course)

Please find out more about my new position and all of my offerings here.



July 24 / 2014

Remembering Why I Started…

(the above photos are of me on a regular day. with my regular makeup and wardrobe using my regular iPhone)

I started this blog because it was the one thing I could do that didn’t require outside validation.

I was able to share who I was whenever, wherever and however I chose, which made whatever I was doing honest. Isn’t that why we make things to start? Because it’s how we FEEL. It’s the expression of our truth.

Honest in a way that whether it was successful or not is my personal best. “There’s no design, my flaws are fine” -The Shins

I shared because this was a platform that (whether or not it had an audience) had a stage for me to flail around on. By sharing here, it was easier to handle the blow of failing or the joys of succeeding in all of my experiences in a genuine way.

And so I’m making it a point to get back on this site and share again. Because this is why I started.


July 22 / 2014
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The Things Along the Way

When I was eighteen I fell in love with a man who would go on to become the father of my child. When I first met him I was struck by the clarity I could see my future. The future felt so good and clear with that love.

Three years later (after our son’s 1st birthday) it was as if  the future and love had become slightly out of focus.

So this is a little ditty about growing, loving and maturing as a single mom accepting the unfocused future.

Jaxson was 3 by the time I earned my bachelor degree. I was 2 years into the single parent balancing act. I felt as if the bachelor degree that I held was now the golden ticket to a life. A life set up in my head by 2 goals.

There are things you cannot learn in school and with each passing year these 2 goals evolved by all the things along the way.

Goal #1: A home. This meant a mortgage because that is what you did as a parent. Right? You own a home and that’s what gives your child a childhood to remember.

Redefining: I am still not a home owner. But my child is growing up in a home I created in a rental. I have no want to be a plumber, an electrician or a water heater installer. So why not continue to rent from my landlord who jumps through hoops for me when I call? It’s still a home.

I’ve learned along the way to get over it by getting out of the way and letting life happen. So in the meantime, Jaxson is growing up in a rental being loved unconditionally

Goal #2: (deep sigh) Love. A love from a man for Jaxson and I as his family.

Redefining: I haven’t found a love that lasts. And so this is redefined quite frequently. I’ve had my heart broken and broken another’s heart. Each time I turn around with love I face plant into an abrupt brick wall out of no where. But I still want love. I want love because I am human.

I’ve learned along the way to get over it by getting out of the way and letting life happen. Accepting love from my family and life long friendships as enough. As if they are my family’s love story.

Continuing on is what I’ve learned along the way. Investing in my worth and my son’s happiness rather than a piece of paper I received from a university. Also, to believe in the face of overwhelming doubt. Because the heart is the human story and that is the one thing along the way to follow.

April 29 / 2014
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A Break.

I started this blog not long after I graduated college-when reading other blogs was something I was just beginning to add to my daily news. It started as something I didn’t share with friends. I would basically practice writing and photographing without broadcasting my very unpolished skills to the world. After a few years I began to share my posts on my wordpress.com and then eventually started my very own domain which you visit today.

Over the last 5-6 years its evolved from lifestyle to journal to silence. I mean, life gets in my way everyday to the goals I wanted to meet with this place.

I have been lucky to have this space. It’s introduced me to so many new friends and now new career (Birdhouse & COOP) and I hope to share yet another service I will be offering after March.

My energy is being focused in a few other directions right now and the dreams of this blog have changed. It’s not that I am giving up, it’s more I have built off of what I’ve done here and the dreams have shifted/changed direction.

I’m really happy with these movements and am not giving up on Sequel-Sequel. But from here a little break. To regroup and experience these new adventures by giving them my full focus and energy.

Until the next post, my friends. (Otherwise, catch me on COOP!)


February 28 / 2014
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For the past two or three years now, in some forum or another on the internet I’ve been posting about the new year and how it will be better than the year before…. or how I hope it will be anyway. This past year has absolutely not been my best year. So I have so much room to make 2014 a tremendous year. I’m nervous and excited for things to come, because really, the possibilities are endless, and no matter what is going on, it will all just keep going.
Tonight on instagram I shared a small amount of things I would like to see in 2014 “…2014….Wear high heels . Don’t slouch . Smile more . Live with less . Say yes . Keep the kitchen sink clean . Make the bed . Tell the truth . Make space  . Make mistakes and then move on . Laugh . Laugh a lot . Be unyielding . Don’t compromise . And by compromise I mean settle . Don’t apologize . Not for your life . Write about it . Keep going . Text less, call more . Say things out loud . Be patient . Wear big earrings . Curl your hair . Take selfies at stoplights . Ha”



January 03 / 2014
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