A Break.

I started this blog not long after I graduated college-when reading other blogs was something I was just beginning to add to my daily news. It started as something I didn’t share with friends. I would basically practice writing and photographing without broadcasting my very unpolished skills to the world. After a few years I began to share my posts on my wordpress.com and then eventually started my very own domain which you visit today.

Over the last 5-6 years its evolved from lifestyle to journal to silence. I mean, life gets in my way everyday to the goals I wanted to meet with this place.

I have been lucky to have this space. It’s introduced me to so many new friends and now new career (Birdhouse & COOP) and I hope to share yet another service I will be offering after March.

My energy is being focused in a few other directions right now and the dreams of this blog have changed. It’s not that I am giving up, it’s more I have built off of what I’ve done here and the dreams have shifted/changed direction.

I’m really happy with these movements and am not giving up on Sequel-Sequel. But from here a little break. To regroup and experience these new adventures by giving them my full focus and energy.

Until the next post, my friends. (Otherwise, catch me on COOP!)


February 28 / 2014
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For the past two or three years now, in some forum or another on the internet I’ve been posting about the new year and how it will be better than the year before…. or how I hope it will be anyway. This past year has absolutely not been my best year. So I have so much room to make 2014 a tremendous year. I’m nervous and excited for things to come, because really, the possibilities are endless, and no matter what is going on, it will all just keep going.
Tonight on instagram I shared a small amount of things I would like to see in 2014 “…2014….Wear high heels . Don’t slouch . Smile more . Live with less . Say yes . Keep the kitchen sink clean . Make the bed . Tell the truth . Make space  . Make mistakes and then move on . Laugh . Laugh a lot . Be unyielding . Don’t compromise . And by compromise I mean settle . Don’t apologize . Not for your life . Write about it . Keep going . Text less, call more . Say things out loud . Be patient . Wear big earrings . Curl your hair . Take selfies at stoplights . Ha”



January 03 / 2014
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Christmas Card 2013

Merry Christmas to all of you!!

December 21 / 2013
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Holiday List

for me….1. earrings  2. hat 3. sunnies 4. a tiny house 5. this dress

for the young man…1. controller 2. Call of Duty Ghost 3. TV for his room 4. elite socks 5. money

December 08 / 2013
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Warning labels on children. Warning labels given in forms of advise come from everywhere and everyone when you become a mother.

If there is one warning label I listen to and have from the very beginning: Breathe them in when they are little. Love that time with them.

It’s gone so fast and I didn’t know what that is like until I experienced that with a child of my own.

Jaxson will be 11 soon. 11 years seems just silly. Seems impossible.

So I wanted to share a few baby photos with you.

He was a happy baby. And a darn cute one too.

Also, one of his favorite bands (until he was introduced to pop radio) was Modest Mouse. He would tell me “Mom play my that song about going to work to have a job” He confused me and my too. It was to die for cute.

Here was the song he would ask for:

November 25 / 2013
Author Ginger
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